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"A mighty convincing job of re-creating what The Beatles may have done to those tunes they didn't record" NEW!
Peter's Power Pop,
October 8, 2011

"A cool little record indeed.  Beatles freaks will definitely need to check this one out"
Garden Grove Journal
, June 2, 2011

"Apple Jam's stellar performances of these songs make Off the Beatle Track sound like a long-lost Fab Four album"
Goldmine, September, 2010

Its a wierd concept, taking songs the Beatles wrote but didn't record, then recording them as they might have. But it works nicely

Vintage Guitar Magazine, August, 2010

I forgot I was listening to an Apple Jam record and thought I was listening to a Beatles record
Seattle Music Insider, May 21, 2010

Off the Beatle Track is a winning formula that makes for an enjoyable addition to any discerning Beatle fan’s album collection
(Colin Hall) R2 - Rock'n'Reel, February, 2010

“I am proud of these guys!”
Breakfast with the Beatles with Chris Carter

"The album radiates the natural exuberance of musicians who have steeped themselves so thoroughly in the early Beatles sound that they can reproduce it instinctively"
(Doug Bright) Heritage Music Review, February, 2010

"Nice work! The world shouldn't be denied!"
Bruce Repogle (John Lennon's publicist on Double Fantasy), Rock Management USA, February 20, 2010

“Apple Jam provides a glimpse into what these songs would have sounded like if the Beatles had indeed released them”
(Shelley Germeaux) John Lennon Examiner

Apple Jam’s Off the Beatle Track is evocative of the thrill and fascination one experienced all those years ago when a new Beatles record came out 
(Duncan Du Bois) The Witness, January 7, 2010

"I enjoyed listening to the non Beatle Beatle songs!  It was interesting having worked with Peter and Gordon, the Seekers, Cilla Black etc. and suspecting that songs were written by John and Paul"
Ken Mansfield (former U.S. Manager of Apple Records, author of The White Book )

"Apple Jam has done something with ‘Off The Beatle Track’ that I have wished a group would do for many years. The realization of these songs is just stupendous”
(Rip Rense) Beatles scholar

"The CD is superb!"
(Dennis Mitchell) Dennis Mitchell's Breakfast with the Beatles

Off the Beatle Track takes a fresh look at unreleased Lennon-McCartney songs 
(Steve Marinucci) Beatles Examiner, September 12, 2009

Apple Jam’s reimagining these songs as Beatles tracks makes you wonder whether these are songs the Beatles should have given away
(Gillian G. Gaar) Seattle Pop Culture Examiner, September 24, 2009

Forty years after the Beatles' heyday, a Seattle band records a "new" Beatles album
(Corwin Haeck) KOMO AM 1000, January 15, 2008

Off the Beatle Track is like a missing Fabs album 
(Spencer Leigh) BBC Merseyside Radio - Jukebox Jury, September 5, 2009

Seattle Musicians Come Together to Record New 'Beatles' LP
(Dave Segal) The Stranger, August 10, 2009

Off the Beatle Track is amazing! It sounds just like the Beatles 
(Bob Rivers) The Bob Rivers Show, KZOK 102.5 FM, June 25, 2009